Friday, February 25, 2011

Mysterious Visits

Okay, so here I am again.
Last time I checked, I had 667 visits. Then I had 690 visits. This probably means I'm upto 693-5. But really, where did I get the 23 views?
Natron, do you know anything about that? I certainly don't.


  1. Well, I go on the computer on an estimate of 4-5 hours a week. And I check this blog almost every time I go on. How long did it take you to get the 23 views?

  2. Well, I don't remember the answer to your question, but I just had 5 visits, one to to come on the site, the other to logon, and the rest I wasted flathing about. That makes 708 views not including my visits. That makes 13 views during the last 6 days. Hm... about 2 visits a day.


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