Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ouch! The bench just nipped me!

As strange as that may sound, it's true in China.
In China, they came up with a wonderful idea to get everyone have a fair go on the benches. SPIKED BENCHES.
Over there, parks are usually crowded, and some get there during the early hours of dawn and hog the seat for themself. This is hardly fair for the others, so they made a contraption where if you don't frequently pay the bench, it makes needle shoot out of the seats.
Don't believe me? Go look at this:

That might hurt a little bit. Makes you wonder why you didn't think of it first, eh?

Friday, August 20, 2010

Few stirring words

Although this blog is centered in New Zealand, I have seen some visitors from North America and the regions near it. This is very good news for me.
Anyway, that's not what I came here to say. I want to open up for ideas for Dymo because, face it, this is the Internet and the Internet is about sharing isn't it?
I know some of you are out there not interacting, but do so please. It's good motivation.

Also as a side note, to those who I am talking to, you know who you are. If you are going to comment, you will call me, Jack, Hester, Jack Hester, Gubbs, or don't call me at all. You know who I am talking to. This is all for security.

New ways of thinking

I am still working on Episode IV. It is not that it is hard, it is just that I am struggling to find time. So I felt that I should write something now.
Intrguing thought: Treat others the way you want them to treat you.
Very true I must say. But there was a very interesting story I read recently.

A lady finds herself in a predicament where she has the choice to run off with her friends assets.
But of course, that won't be nice for her friend, and she wouldn't like that to happen to her would she?
But they lock up murderers and it doesn't mean we should be locked up. It means we should be locked up in that circumstance. And knowing her friend, she would have run off in the circumstance.
So she goes away and runs off.

What do you think about that?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sorry For the Formatting

Just can't seem to this right. Any suggestions, please comment. And comment on the other stories too.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dymo Game

Well, after quite a lot of Episodes in one go, I'm quite sure we want new news. A Dymo game is in production. Still young, but is materialising as you speak. Just wait.

Get ready for episode IV

Episode III

I've had this one for quite a while and I wanted to keep it for a while, but here it is now.

DYMO Episode III

Dymo's Day Off

He woke up at 2 a.m. to the noise of clanging.

"Ohhh. Would you please be quiet in the weekends Gyro?" (That's what he calls the Gyroscope now")

Of course, Gyro was only acting like a pet made of metal. Only a bit more intelligent. He (or she, or it, whatever) held up a tray.

Dymo looked at it in wonderment. "You made this for me? You shouldn't have! You are the best cook I know Gyro!"

Dymo ate with relish as Gyro looked on with pride.

"Gyro! Time for walkies!"

Gyro jumped with joy and ran (or bounced, it doesn't have legs remember) out.

"Hey! HEY! STOP!" Dymo yelled as Gyro smashed into a speeding car.

The car blew up with such a noise that could be heard from the next country.

Dymo gazed at the crash site as Gyro leaped up from the pandemonium. Rubble and scraps flew all over the place.

"Oh no..." He groaned.

A car with ECILOP on it pulled up, and a gaunt man came out.

"Please sir! It wasn't me it wasn't my fault! Please don't throw me into the pokey!" Dymo pleaded.

The ECILOP man slapped him. "Pull yourself together man! I was just about to congratulate you on annhilating that poor little sod in the car who was actually a madman that killed many people with three spoons, a macheine gun shaped bag, a macheine gun shaped macheine gun, two grandfather clocks, and one of those new laptops by Windows that squirt water on you when you type and then takes a picture of you getting squirted."


And Gyro secretly looked pleased with himself.


Gyro sang in the shower.

"Could you please get out?" Dymo asked. "You're going to drain the hot water!"

Dymo heard the water getting stopped, which was a relief.

Gyro jumped out, and Dymo jumped in, and he failed to see that Gyro was shivering.

"Ohhh, late in the night! I see the moon! And the thatcher..." he began. "So where does our answers taaaake uuuuuus. I see a...oh, oh no, arrgh! Oh! Drat! Noo!"

Dymo sighed. He had never seen ice come out of shower heads before.

"Well, time to hit the hay I guess."

He slumped into bed. Gyro had already settled down beside the bed.

The weekends never seem to have enough time for the things he wants to do.

The End


Never before released!

Dymo and the Gyroscope: Part 2

"Okey dokey. Bill! This one's a biggy! It might take a while!"

The trash man whistled at the strange constuction on the street. "Darned to know who had this." He hoisted up the mass of rings and threw it in the garbage truck.


And the truck drove off just like that.

Dymo gawped at the gyroscope that sat on his doorstep.

"What is this doing here?" he screeched. Then he found a logical explanation.

"Of course, the trash man could've forgotten. Or didn't know. Yes. That must be it." The more he said it, the more he believed. "I'll just leave it here for another week."

So he ignored the contraption. He had a special chocolate cake waiting at the bakery.

He walked a few steps, when he heard a definite:


Dymo looked back. He didn't see anyone behind him. Had that bush shuffled? Must be some birds. He dismissed it and walked onwards.


OK. This time, Dymo saw something but he didn't know what. He became nervous. He walked faster.


Dymo looked back again.

The gyroscope fell off a tree.

"What the...You are... But I thought... That's not... orthodox!" Dymo spluttered.

The gyroscope looked a little sheepish. (As much as a pile of metal rings can anyway)

"You! Stop following me!" He yelled at the mass of metal, which earned him a suspicious glance from the public.

"Just you... Don't that... Oh, what the heck!"

Dymo walked into the old curiosity shop. The old man looked up. Dymo held the scope up.

"Hm... What do you want with me?" The old man said.

"I want an explanation!" Dymo fumed. "Why is this thing alive?!"

"Simple. It's made of Intelligent Wolfram." The gyroscope seemed to take pride in this as it gleamed a little more than usual.

"But, why me?" Dymo asked.

"You'll know soon. I know things. And the Gyroscope knows stuff you can't imagine."

"But I don't want it!" Dymo bellowed.

The gyroscope seemed to be sad.

The old man looked at him in A Way, and even Dymo couldn't help but be sympathetic.

"Oh all right." Dymo gave in. "But no making any mess, right?"

The end

Episode II Part I

I know a few has read this before, but...there are some who havn't. And thanks to the person who sent me Episode I!

Dymo and the Gyroscope

Dymo walked into the local curiosity shop. As ever, it was dark, musty, and dusty. The old man still sat behind the counter, not really looking at anything, but still watching for thieves.

There was always something about the curiosity shop. Firstly, it was quiet. Deathly quiet. No matter how loud it is outside, it is always quiet inside. Then, as soon as you went in, it was like stepping int a different world. No sense of wonder, but a cold, dark, seperated feeling. Even the teenage rogues of the area dared not deface the walls of the shop. Lastly, it knew what you wanted. If you came in with intent on buying something, then it's there. And cheaply too. But if you are there for a light browse, youcan find the most unexpected thing in there.

On this particular day, Dymo was looking for a chainsaw. (He still had the Cold Chocolate) But the old man stopped him.

"Stop!" he said. Dymo heard him talk for the first time. "You will need this!" and he handed Dymo a contraption full of rings.

"Off you go." he said before Dymo could say anything. The man booted Dymo out of the shop.

Dymo, being the sensible type, said to himself, "Better get home and cook dinner. It's getting dark."

So he went home and had some pork stew with prawn soup on the side. then he observed the strange tool.

"I wonder what the old man was thinking?" he said to himself. Then promptly threw it in the bin. "Hm... Today's Tuesday, so tommorow is binday. It's amazing how things work out."


Dymo Episode I

The First Episode is HERE! Yay!


Dymo is a name that will provoke imaginations. What does he look like? Well, he is green, has short stubby limbs, and is basically round.

A not very long time ago, in a galaxy not far at all, (dramatic chords of jubilation) there was a cafe. And by chance, Dymo happenned to be there.

He sat down on one of those small chairs that never have enough room for your bottom, and looked at the small table that never have enough room for four to sit around.

He looked at the menu.


Toasted toads $4.60

Orange Orangutan $9.95

Newt Coffee $50.45

Slippers $32

Tango Tangerine Priceless

Hot chocolate $4

Cold Chocolate $6


and so on.

A waiter passed by, and Dymo asked, "Why is the cold chocolate more expensive, than the hot one? Surely it doesn't take as much energy to make it because you don't need to heat it?"

The waiter replied "I doon't knoo mon. Wood yoo like some?"

"Yes please" said Dymo and he got some.

When his Cold Chocolate came he looked at it disparingly for 3 hours.

It was frozen.

After 3 hours, Dymo realised that his drink was not going to thaw itself, and unless he did something, $6 would go to waste.

So he took it home, and hired everything he could possibly think could help from a hiring firm. (It boasted free dilevery)

First, he tried the most obvious thing to to, microwave it. This didn't help in the least.

Next, he put it in the oven. This burnt the paper cup off, but it didn't really help.

Then he got a pneumatic drill, this helped with the laundry (the starch hardened the colar so) but not with the thawing.

"DARN YOU BLASTED NON-ALCOHOLIC, SUGAR-INFESTED, NON-FREE-TRADE CACAO USING L********K D********K E****l W***N OF A BEVERAGE!" Dymo yelled in exasperation. (You could see he was not happy because of all the asterixes)

Lastly, he got one of the most famous, science-fiction-turned-to-science-fact weapon of all time. (Sincerely dramatic chords of risky behaviour) THE LIGHTSABER.

It did not help. (Oh, but not entirely not help. It helped with the cooking, mind you. The ham was getting pretty old and tough, so Dymo decided it was time to chop it up and put in the stew he found in the back of his fridge. But that really wasn't neccessary because you see this would have...)

So at the end, Dymo realised the cold chocolate was too much trouble so he kept it in the back of his drawer, almost never to be seen again.


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