Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Philosophy and Logic

Something a little different...

Once upon a time, two students, Cory and Rory, were strolling casually, (and slowly) to their next class, which happened to be Greek Philosophy. (Which CAN'T have made them walk slowly.)

As Cory started rummaging in his emptied, decapitated sheep that he calls a school bag, he said, "Darn. I think someone stole my iPod. Again."
"Hur Hur." snickers Rory, who was not a particularly nice person. "Only idiots bring anything important to this desease infested, thief ridden, bug crawling place you know."
"Ha!" snorts Cory, who wasn't very nice either. "You've admitted it! You're not important! Or you're an idiot. Which way? I've proved it!"
"Why?" Rory asked a little angrily. He was a proud boy.
"You brought yourself." he said in a matter-of-factly-and-you-can't-blimmin'-well-change-this-matter-of-fact way.
"Oh yeah?" Rory snarled. He was a better logician than his acquaintance. Then said in a cool voice, "So you're and idiot because you brought your iPod. Right?"
"What? Of course I'm not..."
"Then the iPod isn't important?"
"So you're an idiot."
"NEITHER IS TRUE!" Cory roared with so much force that it started raining on Rory.
"Then I am important and not an idiot."
"So you were wrong."
"I am never wrong!" Cory mumbled indignantly, although a little hesitantly.
"Then you're an idiot. Because if you are not wrng, then my theory was right, which makes your inputed information false. Furthermore, you have stated that you were never wrong, which was wrong, which enforces my point that you are an idiot." Rory was starting to have fun.
"But, but, so you're not important." Taking one last attempt at insulting Rory.
"You are right. I am not. I am only a small bit of ink on the celestial blueprint of ..."
Cory shouted and swore ran off to Greek Philosophy in a huff and failed the pop quiz after that.

Question: What should have Cory said to Rory instead of shouting "I am never wrong!"?

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