Saturday, December 3, 2011

Music in my EARS

Recently (a couple of months ago) I installed Ubuntu alongside my sluggish Vista. Recently (a couple of months ago) the Venerable Jan Morgenstern released the score for Sintel's "I Move On" to the public. Recently (a couple of months ago) I found these weird sticky bits, and I found out that they were not for stirring earwax mixtures as I have been told by a very reliable source. It is a coincidence that these events happened in a very close time frame (maybe a few weeks separating each event) and this caused me to take action.

I banged my fists on the old clav.

And this is the product:

It's not as good as the original, it's all crackly, there's too much noise, and the damper didn't work. And worst of all, who's playing the piano? He's darn handsome, but he can't play it at all.

Anyway, hope you enjoy it. Even if you didn't, please keep me at peace.

P.S. If media fire doesn't work, somehow or other, tell me, and I'll find something else.

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