Friday, July 15, 2011


Sorry 'bout the absence, but I was... Busy.
Well  now that I have some time off and nothing to do, I can get back to writing that Dymo I started, and get started on a movie project I was planning instead of doing some documents.
Oh, and did I mention that Jack Hester isn't a real name. It's just a name I made to protect myself from identity theft. Now some say paranoid, some say weird, but I don't care. Just putting it out there.
I was also going to say that I am going to change Dymo's name after this. He was supposed to be a cute little thing, but I think he's grown to something mildly unlikeable, and that's not what I planned him to be. So I'm going to change his name to something better.
Oh, and for some reason, I concluded that people who put ads want money, and that they get ads when I click on them. So I, being a mildly considerate citizen, decided that's I'll click on ads. Well the trustworthy ones anyway. It's kind of my hobby now.

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