Saturday, January 21, 2012

An episode. Here ye go.

I found it! It was on my desktop all along!

Emily gasped, as she beheld the should-be-dead person approach her. Luke found this strangely satisfying, both because it feels good to know something Einstein doesn't, but also because her hair bobbed up and down in such an amusing way.
Trevor frowned lightly. "Well? Is anyone going to greet me?"
Luke raised his right hand. "Hi." he said with little spirit.
"How did you get here?" Emily asked.
A hole opened up in the ceiling behind him, and a red motorbike came down.
Emily continued. "But you're dead."
Trevor grinned. "Death is no obstacle for me."
She raised her eyebrows. "Yeah?"
"Yeah." he said, nodding gently. They stood in silence, while Luke stared at the floor.
Finally, Luke said, "Well, seeing that Trevor doesn't seem inclined to explain, I think I should."
"Right!" Trevor said. "Seeing as I'm the only one with the bike, I say we walk."
So the three walked together with the bike slowly following on its own. On the way, Luke explained how there was a set date at which Trevor was to die. However, he was free to do anything until that date, so with the time machine, he could travel so that he would, in total, live to a good age of whatever he deemed appropriate.
"Well," Luke said after a while. "Miss Emily Byron..."
"Stop it..." she growled, and Luke nearly saluted and accompanied it with  "Yes, ma'am"
"Um, where are we?" Luke asked.
Emily rolled her eyes. "We all want the time machine."
"I figured that." Luke said. Trevor raised his eye brows.
"There are... certain objectives we would both like to achieve."
He frowned. "You're not going to tell me that are you?"
"Nope." Emily said.
It felt like they have walked on for a very long time, and it was excruciating for Luke because it felt like this underground floor had no end, and he didn't exactly know where the goal was.
Trevor decided to speak. "You wanted the time machine?"
"Were you listening?" she asked jokingly.
Trevor grinned in that triumphant/goofy way people usually do when people realise something. "There's a time machine here."
The three  turned around at the time machine/motorbike that rolled to a stop.
"Wait..." she whispered. She went to the seat and gazed quickly at the controls, hoping to understand the myriad of switches and lights that fitted in what small space there was. But she turned away in dismay to Trevor.
"Trevor, I don't understand this. In fact, there are only three people that do. But..." Her eyes sparkled, and Luke stepped back.
"What is it?" he asked.
Emily breathed in proudly. "Well, Trevor would use the time machine to get to the past, and to HQ, while we stay here. They would manufacture a larger scale machine, we would eventually get the time machine they needed while we stay here until Trevor comes back, and we get back in a huff!"
Luke shrugged. "I don't know much about timing, but it sounds like a good idea to me."
"Right!" Trevor said, and grasped the helmet that hung on the handlebar. Then he paused.
"Well? How will I know where HQ is?" he asked.
"All roads lead to Rome." she answered.
"Where in..."
Emily answered exasperated, "We have a time machine for goodness sake! We can sort this out in the future. Well, our future."
Trevor frowned, but proceeded to get on the motorbike anyway. With the loud purring of the Harley, Trevor drove 3 meters before he disappeared unceremoniously.
The two stood around, quite unsure of what to expect. Luke whistled German national anthem. Or at least what he thought was the German national anthem. Emily, who knew better, glared at him to stop.
When Luke got bored of awkwardly staring at his foot, he asked, "What do we do now?"
Emily took a look at her watch. "It's already been three minutes. Trevor should be back by now."
"Nah. Don't worry about it. He's always tardy."
Just then, a small round object rolled at Luke's feet. While his head said "Grenade!" his inner boy said "Stomp on it! Stomp on it or throw it back at 'em!". Fortunately, Emily was a bit more clever, and she kicked it as quick and far away as possible. She threw herself and Luke down on the ground, and covered her own ears in expectation of an explosion.
Quite unfortunately for her, it didn't happen. All that she could here was that grating laughter of the mysterious voice.
"Really," he said, chuckling along the way. "You should have a look at yourself and see how ridiculous you look."
Three large men literary armed to the teeth (artificial fangs) approached the two with ropes. Lots and lots of ropes.
Luke smiled weakly. "Don't worry. I know how ridiculous I look."

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