Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ben is BIA

By the way, BIA stands for Back In Action. I don't know if it's an official acronym, but I don't care either.
So what I've done, is completely remade Ben after his cranial injury, and patched him up again. I also gave him some clothes...
A sort of generic and simple pose I had at the start.

Then I tried some extreme poses.
I went for a different mood this time, only I don't think it worked.

Ssh! He's thinking.

So for those people who were wondering about my brain, it exists.


  1. I can never do bone rigs! It's so depressing, but the closest I've gotten to a human in Blender is a three-armed, two-faced (literally) Betelgeusean who thinks he's the president of the Galaxy! Aside from that, I also did some rigging for Marvin, but being a robot, robotic movements are what one would require.

  2. Bone rigs? I went more of a Pipe-Cleaner-and-Plaster approach. Much simpler. If you strip Ben of his clothes, you would see that he is literally made of joined pipes.

  3. Huh. My first rig of any kind was a red-skinned guy made of spheres and tubes. Instead of having him all one mesh, he had sixteen parts: his head, torso, and arms and legs, each of which had a joint where they connected to him and one at their knee/elbow. They were all parented to each other, and it worked pretty well.

  4. Ooh. Sounds complicating. I usually try to keep it to one mesh: one rig, only this time, the clothes was another mesh.
    Once, I was working on a Spyder. It was just a mechanical spider that I didn't finish. I made a leg and each separate bit was a separate mesh. Then I had 8 of them. Now I'm probably never going to finish.
    BUT... I though I'd never finish Ben, but he's back. There's also a rocket launcher I thought I'd never finish that I did. I might actually pull off that Spyder!


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