Thursday, February 23, 2012

History, Philosophy, and the Great Leader Hitler

Now before anyone beats me up and labels me for the title, I want you to read the rest of this post, or I'll start labeling you.

First, I believe that teaching justice in school history is wrong. We are taught that the Righteous Americans beat the evil Japanese and Germans, or that The British Empire was the pinnacle of civilisation. Now I don't like that. History should just tell the story, and keep any opinions out of it.

Next, philosophy should be taught in school. Although history shouldn't teach these things, philosophy should. See, history should teach people to throw away judgmentalism, and take a completely subjective look at what happened. Philosophy, on the other hand, is all about judgement, and although teachers shouldn't explicitly tell students what is write or wrong, they should teach them to make their own decisions.

Finally, Hitler is not Evil. Misguided? Probably. Didn't-make-good-choices? Well, you judge that for yourself. Hitler might have been a terrible person, but he was a great leader like nobody else was. He was able to band great number of people together, to unite for a common purpose, as wrong as that purpose may be. I think lots of people can learn from Hitler, although what we learn from him is important.

So that's me for today. I felt judgmental today, so I had a go at writing this.

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