Friday, February 3, 2012

Lil' Pics

Let me tell you that I believe I'm a pacifist. Or queasy. Which ever you like. I do not like weapons, at least in real life. I especially do not like guns or other projectiles, and would prefer if the world returned to swords and shields. However, I do not like swords and knives, because there's too much blood involved. I did say I was queasy.

What I find nice, however, is visual weapon design. It looks like any 3D artist worth their salt is doing it, and it has a sort of romance to it. (Remember, romance has many definitions, and I'm not using the 'Love' definition.)

You may remember me putting this a long time ago. As you can see, I've finally finished Ben, and I've also (with some hurry and lack of care) finished the rocket launcher. I love designing rocket launchers because you can go crazy, and nobody minds.

Who is this mysterious ranger of the outback?

He's not mysterious, he's not a ranger, and he doesn't live in the outback. So what use does he have of a elaborately designed rocket launcher?
Of course, the one thing this rocket launcher does not do is launch rockets. Maybe a project for next time.


  1. That's awesome! But, no offense or anyuthing, your stories you write are kind of violent for a paci...pashif...pashi...fisht. (Planet of the Apes parody.)

  2. I guess this proves one half of my point. I'm not a pacifist! (Nice to know that in a world we live in now.) Maybe I'm just squeamish. Just say that I can't watch a film with guns that are realistic in size because at that point, it's too real for me.


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