Thursday, November 25, 2010

Scratch Cat gets typing!! and Magic Eye

Typer Cat is my second scratch project. It teaches children (and adults(maybe)) typing.

Play the typer game in the above link.

If anyone has started working on Scratch, please note me of any projects!!

Also, I have found a Blender tutorial (of which I cannot be bothered to post the link to. But it was on the linux gazzete) I've finally figured out how to do depth maps! Also, after some hacking and other things, and mostof all, this: I was able to make a picture I will add to My Pictures.
10 points to the first person who finds out what picture it is! Clue: Magic Eye


  1. Anyone figure out the picture yet?

  2. The secret picture looks like Pac-Man with dinosaurs around him.

    P.S. Cool game! Here's mine:

  3. Hmm... It was supposed to be Metaknight off the Kirby series...
    I'll try to make time to see what you did!

  4. Woah. Wait. Did you make that picture?

  5. Um... No. I found a site with Brawl models, converted them to pastafarian, I mean .3ds, edited it a bit in Blender, make a depth map out of it, uploaded it into the above mentioned site and there it was! In other words, I didn't do anything at all except move stuff around.

  6. Okaaaaaaay...I actually didn't get any of that.


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