Monday, December 13, 2010

Ideas for the Blender Shop

Blender is great. We all know. But of course, sometimes we want more. In fact, right nor, I want more! So here are some ideas for some Blender Merchandise for anyone interested!

1. Action Figures.
Sometimes, characters seem to be yelling to be made into an action figure. I believed that Proog and Sintel were just speaking out to me.

2. Soft Toys
The second best thing would be a soft toy, and a Baby Dragon toy would be cute, wouldn't you think?

3. Proog's Stick

I have always wanted a walking stick. No, I am not crippled, but walking sticks are classy. So what would be better than a walking stick? Proog's stick!! Seriously, they should manufacture them immediately.

4. Blender Licensed Games
With the release of such peripherals such as the Wii and the Playstation Move, Sintel and Elephants Dream could easily be a great game.

5. Blender Themed Christmas Baubles
Well, the Christmas seasone is nearing, why not have some Blender Logo hanging from your tree?

6. Portable Blender Player
I don't know if anyone is interested in this as me, but I was thinking of a portable Blender player, a portable device made strictly to use Blender, Blender Games, and videos. You can't always have a computer ready, and with the limited functionality, it probably could execute Blender efficiently.

7. Blender Story Books
Well, at the moment, there's only Big Buck Bunny is really appropriate for being a children's book, but it would a healthy reminder of Blender when you are not in front of the computer.

Of course, these are only ideas I made in three minutes, and they were completely born from my whim. I might not feel this way after a month, but they are still ideas!


  1. Dude! My brother from another mother! I've been saying the same thing! A Sintel action figure would be so cool! A a Proog stick...could the elephant head flip open or something?

    I had a dream about a Blender store a few weeks ago. It had like the big Blender logo out front over the door.

    You're right that a Scales plush toy would be cute. And so would a Blender logo and a Suzzanne, wouldn't it?

    Have you ever heard of Joan Druett?

  2. Hey, Hester! i just figured out my own way of making trees in Blender 2.5, so I'll write a tutorial soon.

  3. Thank you! By the way, who is Joan Druett?


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