Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dymo Tries to Make a Game

It's been quite a while since the last episode. So here it is.

He woke up one day to find that he wanted to make people laugh.

He brushed his teeth and thought he wanted to make people cry.
He ate his breakfast and thought he wanted to make people sweat.
He drove to work and thought he wanted to make people bang their heads on the wall from sheer annoyance and angst.
He went to work, told the boss that he was leaving. He went back home to work with Blender.

After Dymo told the story, Gyro looked at him disdainfully. It wasn't fair that Gyro had to starve to death from lack of a muluctary source because Dymo had a mood swing. No, Gyro didn't eat, therefore he didn't die of starvation, but the Wii was rented, and he could probably die from not having it.
Dymo crouched over the computer going over his first model.

It seemed so easy at first. Like really, get a plane, extrude, grab, extrude more, rip a hole in it, maybe add some textures, add an armature, animate, render, and BOOM! You have an animation. Then save the IPO, program, repeat, and you have a game. Dymo found it wasn't anything like that at all. NO it, was terrible. It was, get a plane, extrude, hmm, doesn't look right, extrude, rip a hole in it, rip a hole in the monitor, throw it away, sulk for the rest of the month. It was hard.
He was in the middle of a sulk, and he saw that Gyro had bought a new computer and started trying as well.

At the end of the week, Dymo had a simple game that consists of two players trying to knock each other off a platform. It had no style or sense at all.
Gyro had in fact, got a fully fledged first person MMPORPG with editable characters and levels with 33 plugins and attachments.
For Dymo, it was very depressing and lowered self-esteem. It wasn't helpful at all.
Dymo promptly put the game in the bin and forgot about it from then on.

This is Dymo's game for anyone who would like to have a go:

It is very glitchy, it has no style at all, and I probably forgot to put the controls in. If I have then Player 1 moves with the arrow and Player 2 moves with WASD. Oh, and you will need two players for the most fun.


  1. Have you tried the game? I'm trying to work some AI into it later.
    By the way, what's your profile picture of this time?

  2. It's Seigfreid! (Pronounced Zig-freed.) He's one of Bernie Kopell's roles: one of the leaders of KAOS in the 1960's TV show, "Get Smart."

    I couldn't get the game to work.... It looked like Blender had just been re-named or something! When I clicked on it, it didn't let me open it.

    P.S. I am very flattered that you put up my blog as one of you favorite links! (You're from New Zealand, right? That's why you spelled "favorite" with a "U"?)

    P.S.S. What do Dymo and Gyro look like? And, BTW, don't put words in ALL CAPS for emphasis. You can use italics instead (ctrl+I).

  3. I might have to check the game I suppose. It happens sometimes.
    I'll have to check Seigfreid as well!
    And for Dymo and Gyro, I was going to make a model out of them only I didn't have time because I was working on something else...

  4. By the way, Dymo is the green guy.


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