Monday, January 10, 2011

My First Proper Render

I am still trying to learn Blender, and try to animat and stuff like that, but I have realised that I always aim too high and do something I possibly can't do. These are my first renders, made to be renders, and not half finished as well. I whipped these up in a few hours:


I decided to practice on low poly meshes for now. I also expect from cube dude, (as I call him for now) later on in his series. Critique would be accepted.
By the way, I am trying to get the particles working for a smoke effect but I can't get them as near realistic as I want. Could someone help? Thanks!


  1. WoW, Hester! Cool! Here's an Andrew Price tutorial about smoke:

    And how'd you get the rounded-sphere shape? What I do is add a subsurf modifier to a cube, then go to edit mode and subdivide it a few times. Is that what you do?


  2. Sorry, I meant rounded-cube shape.

  3. All I did was subdivide a cube once and put a subsurf modifier on it. I also raised the render levels to something like 4.
    Also, I can't really watch online videos for a moment! Is it possible to download it?

  4. Yes. Go to Go to the Andrew Price tutorial page and copy the URL. Paste it in the bar on then hit "Download."


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