Friday, May 6, 2011

Cory and Rory Solution

How unresponsible for me to post this and not the conclusion of the last Dymo episode. Oh well. I'm working on it at the moment.

So, remember Cory and his short temper?

To recap, let me remind you of the question, which was:

What should he have said to Rory instead of making that tantrum?

The answer was, "You were wrong!"

Let's see how the conversation would have went:

..."NEITHER IS TRUE!" Cory roared with so much force that it started raining on Rory.
"Then I am important and not an idiot."
"So you were wrong."
"I am never wrong!" Cory mumbled indignantly, although a little hesitantly.
"Then you're an idiot. Because if you are not wrong, then my theory was right, which makes your inputed information false. Furthermore, you have stated that you were never wrong, which was wrong, which enforces my point that you are an idiot." Rory was starting to have fun.
"But, but, so you're not important." Taking one last attempt at insulting Rory.
"You are right. I am not. I am only a small bit of ink on the celestial blueprint of ..."
"You're wrong." Cory said stately. "You are wrong."
"excuse me?" Rory whispered quietly. He stopped walking, but didn't turn to face his acquaintance.
"You're wrong. There is no celestial blueprint of whatever you were going to say. Blueprints don't suddenly fly into the sky for no reason at all. And you are no ink. You are a man... um, boy.... er, certainly human, I think.... something alive."
"You imply, that my argument that 'only an idiot brings anything special' is wrong?"
"Yes I am. Took this long to realise?" Cory was starting to get the upper hand. Which made him feel smug. Oh, and it always shows on his face, which didn't help his reputation. "'cause ye see, either you're right or wrong. You can argue it to be right, but I can argue it to be wrong. All I have to say is that I am not an idiot and I my iPod is important. Then you can't argue against that because you were wrong."
"But that's not fair." said Rory who started walking again. "You're just inventing your own rules to play with."
"That's what you did first. You can't argue with that."
"True." Rory said, and entered Greek philosophy 4 minutes late, which was the earliest they have ever attended a class.

This one has actually been stewing in my drive for a long time now...

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