Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dymo After a Long Time

Finally! I finished a continuation, only it isn't finished.

Dymo Part II

The two Dymos immediately chorused, "It wasn't my fault at all. It was all Archies fault. He'll tell ya."

"Right," said Trevor, quite unimpressed about all this unnecessary chatter. "Knowing who's fault it is won't solve anything."

"Yes it does." Frank said in his ever nonchalant way. "It means we know where we can direct our wild angst towards, and who to pour our concentrated bullying on."

"But it doesn't solve anything." Trevor said quite normally. "There's only two time machines here."

"Where?" asked Archibald. "I only see one."

A Dymo continued, "Yes, and I go on one of them becuse I've been here before."

"You?" another Dymo asked.

"No, you." Dymo said. "I stay here. You go off. And..."

"What happens, happened, or happening is inevitable." Trevor said.

"Oh, so this means I'll just go off on the time machine now should I?" A Dymo said.

His companion Gyro looked at him sternly.

"What do you mean I should wait to see if any of the others want the machine?"

"Selfish brute." Trevor muttered.

"I can hear that." the other Dymo said.

"Well, I'll just go off." the Dymo said. "See you in the future. The three-months-from-now future."

Dymo slowly slugged off into the time machine, and Gyro trotted quickly after him. With a flourish of light and quantum dimension enstrangulation interpolated particle entanglement, the garage disappeared into the 7th spacial dimension, taking a shortcut to the past.

"How nice." Frank said. "I hate sunsets. Well not really. But it's getting dark."

As the sunset became darker, Gyro started to glow a soft blue.

"I can see things." Dymo said. "Thanks Gyro."

Gyro huffed at his natural talent.

"So are you going to invent the terminator?" Archie asked.

"Yes I am." Trevor answered resolutely.

"Even though you know what's going to happen? You're going to die! It might... hurt!"

"Yeah, but I can't help it can I? I have to. It's inevitable."

"But you can't invent it if you can't get back."

"Well," Trevor started. Dymo understood the voice as now-I-am-going-togive-a-very-long-piece-of-information-full-of-unnecessary-proportions-and-you-do-not-even-want-to-hear-it-but-you-just-have-to-see-it-go-down. "By quantum spacial fluctuation in extra dimensions, I figure that to see to the it the timeflow shall not back bend into the..."

"Right." Frank and Dymo said, while Gyro sat listening eagerly. "Be simple."

"This motorbike is a time machine."

"Great!" Frank said. "Get me home."

"Sorry." He answered. "It only allows one sentient being at a time or else it will all merge into an organic mush."

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that." Frank said. He gracefully hopped off Archibald's shoulders, landed softly on the bike, and pressed a few switches.

"Goodbye." and the monkey and the bike was gone.

"Darn, that was our last hope. I was hoping to get back home, build my own machine, and come get you then."

"So were stuck?" Dymo asked. "Were good as dead?"

"No." Archie said. "We can wait for a rift in space to carry us over to..."

"THAT HAPPENS ONCE EVERY 3 MILLION YEARS!!" Dymo yelled. Gyro looked sadly at the ground.

"Don't be so sad." Trevor said to the matallic thing. "We still have each other."

"I barely know you people." Dymo muttered.

"We can all live our lives here. And there's a factory out there, maybe I can build a machine there."

"I'll help." Archie said. "I know a little bit about machinery."

Gyro bounced in excitement.

"I'm stuck out here with a bunch of techjunkies!" Dymo wailed. But no one can hear you in a time rift.

Wires dangled from the ceiling like cobwebs, and pieces of metal flew around the factory.

"There's nothing here!" Trevor cried. "How were they meant to build more terminators?"

"Aargh! We're really stuck!" Dymo wailed. "Where's food? Where's water?"

"Look! There's water!" Archie yelled.

"Where?" The other two aked.

"There's a tap."


Silence fell on the atomosphere. Nothing happened, and so Trevor started humming.

"Well, we need to get back right?" Archie asked.

"So what? We make a micro black hole, stand carefully on the edge, hope the velocity would be enough to..."

"Yeah!" Trevor said. "We're gonna cause a super explosion!"

"Oh, no." Dymo groaned.

Gyro dragged over a large transparent drum that contained some luminous green fluid.

"Oh, no." Dymo said again.

"I knew he needed an energy source..." Trevor said.

Archie readied some naked wires, and dropped it into the drum.

"Oh..." but Dymo didn't have time.

An almighty bang filled the room, a large fireball rose into the skies, and the four blew in the four winds.

"That was dumb." Dymo said after picking himself up. "If I've learnt anything from primary school, it's that you don't have anything to do with liquids you can't name."

He looked around a bit. He didn't see anything. It was all sand, sand, cactus, and sand. Absolutely sandy.

"Hey!" Dymo called, but not even echoes would answer him.

Archie saw light. He saw soft grass. He saw the kind sun warming his face.

He also saw marauding, barbarian vikings.

Oh, boy.

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  1. Hah! You could almost see the author, biting his nails about how to continue this story!


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