Saturday, August 7, 2010


Never before released!

Dymo and the Gyroscope: Part 2

"Okey dokey. Bill! This one's a biggy! It might take a while!"

The trash man whistled at the strange constuction on the street. "Darned to know who had this." He hoisted up the mass of rings and threw it in the garbage truck.


And the truck drove off just like that.

Dymo gawped at the gyroscope that sat on his doorstep.

"What is this doing here?" he screeched. Then he found a logical explanation.

"Of course, the trash man could've forgotten. Or didn't know. Yes. That must be it." The more he said it, the more he believed. "I'll just leave it here for another week."

So he ignored the contraption. He had a special chocolate cake waiting at the bakery.

He walked a few steps, when he heard a definite:


Dymo looked back. He didn't see anyone behind him. Had that bush shuffled? Must be some birds. He dismissed it and walked onwards.


OK. This time, Dymo saw something but he didn't know what. He became nervous. He walked faster.


Dymo looked back again.

The gyroscope fell off a tree.

"What the...You are... But I thought... That's not... orthodox!" Dymo spluttered.

The gyroscope looked a little sheepish. (As much as a pile of metal rings can anyway)

"You! Stop following me!" He yelled at the mass of metal, which earned him a suspicious glance from the public.

"Just you... Don't that... Oh, what the heck!"

Dymo walked into the old curiosity shop. The old man looked up. Dymo held the scope up.

"Hm... What do you want with me?" The old man said.

"I want an explanation!" Dymo fumed. "Why is this thing alive?!"

"Simple. It's made of Intelligent Wolfram." The gyroscope seemed to take pride in this as it gleamed a little more than usual.

"But, why me?" Dymo asked.

"You'll know soon. I know things. And the Gyroscope knows stuff you can't imagine."

"But I don't want it!" Dymo bellowed.

The gyroscope seemed to be sad.

The old man looked at him in A Way, and even Dymo couldn't help but be sympathetic.

"Oh all right." Dymo gave in. "But no making any mess, right?"

The end


  1. I like it! I really do! It's cool, and funny, and...intellegint...and I don't know if I'm talking about the story or the Gyroscope.

  2. Why thank you. It was my sister's friend that started this story writing and I thought I'd join in. But on the web.
    I like the Gyroscope too.


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