Saturday, August 7, 2010

Episode II Part I

I know a few has read this before, but...there are some who havn't. And thanks to the person who sent me Episode I!

Dymo and the Gyroscope

Dymo walked into the local curiosity shop. As ever, it was dark, musty, and dusty. The old man still sat behind the counter, not really looking at anything, but still watching for thieves.

There was always something about the curiosity shop. Firstly, it was quiet. Deathly quiet. No matter how loud it is outside, it is always quiet inside. Then, as soon as you went in, it was like stepping int a different world. No sense of wonder, but a cold, dark, seperated feeling. Even the teenage rogues of the area dared not deface the walls of the shop. Lastly, it knew what you wanted. If you came in with intent on buying something, then it's there. And cheaply too. But if you are there for a light browse, youcan find the most unexpected thing in there.

On this particular day, Dymo was looking for a chainsaw. (He still had the Cold Chocolate) But the old man stopped him.

"Stop!" he said. Dymo heard him talk for the first time. "You will need this!" and he handed Dymo a contraption full of rings.

"Off you go." he said before Dymo could say anything. The man booted Dymo out of the shop.

Dymo, being the sensible type, said to himself, "Better get home and cook dinner. It's getting dark."

So he went home and had some pork stew with prawn soup on the side. then he observed the strange tool.

"I wonder what the old man was thinking?" he said to himself. Then promptly threw it in the bin. "Hm... Today's Tuesday, so tommorow is binday. It's amazing how things work out."


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