Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dymo Episode I

The First Episode is HERE! Yay!


Dymo is a name that will provoke imaginations. What does he look like? Well, he is green, has short stubby limbs, and is basically round.

A not very long time ago, in a galaxy not far at all, (dramatic chords of jubilation) there was a cafe. And by chance, Dymo happenned to be there.

He sat down on one of those small chairs that never have enough room for your bottom, and looked at the small table that never have enough room for four to sit around.

He looked at the menu.


Toasted toads $4.60

Orange Orangutan $9.95

Newt Coffee $50.45

Slippers $32

Tango Tangerine Priceless

Hot chocolate $4

Cold Chocolate $6


and so on.

A waiter passed by, and Dymo asked, "Why is the cold chocolate more expensive, than the hot one? Surely it doesn't take as much energy to make it because you don't need to heat it?"

The waiter replied "I doon't knoo mon. Wood yoo like some?"

"Yes please" said Dymo and he got some.

When his Cold Chocolate came he looked at it disparingly for 3 hours.

It was frozen.

After 3 hours, Dymo realised that his drink was not going to thaw itself, and unless he did something, $6 would go to waste.

So he took it home, and hired everything he could possibly think could help from a hiring firm. (It boasted free dilevery)

First, he tried the most obvious thing to to, microwave it. This didn't help in the least.

Next, he put it in the oven. This burnt the paper cup off, but it didn't really help.

Then he got a pneumatic drill, this helped with the laundry (the starch hardened the colar so) but not with the thawing.

"DARN YOU BLASTED NON-ALCOHOLIC, SUGAR-INFESTED, NON-FREE-TRADE CACAO USING L********K D********K E****l W***N OF A BEVERAGE!" Dymo yelled in exasperation. (You could see he was not happy because of all the asterixes)

Lastly, he got one of the most famous, science-fiction-turned-to-science-fact weapon of all time. (Sincerely dramatic chords of risky behaviour) THE LIGHTSABER.

It did not help. (Oh, but not entirely not help. It helped with the cooking, mind you. The ham was getting pretty old and tough, so Dymo decided it was time to chop it up and put in the stew he found in the back of his fridge. But that really wasn't neccessary because you see this would have...)

So at the end, Dymo realised the cold chocolate was too much trouble so he kept it in the back of his drawer, almost never to be seen again.


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