Saturday, August 7, 2010

Episode III

I've had this one for quite a while and I wanted to keep it for a while, but here it is now.

DYMO Episode III

Dymo's Day Off

He woke up at 2 a.m. to the noise of clanging.

"Ohhh. Would you please be quiet in the weekends Gyro?" (That's what he calls the Gyroscope now")

Of course, Gyro was only acting like a pet made of metal. Only a bit more intelligent. He (or she, or it, whatever) held up a tray.

Dymo looked at it in wonderment. "You made this for me? You shouldn't have! You are the best cook I know Gyro!"

Dymo ate with relish as Gyro looked on with pride.

"Gyro! Time for walkies!"

Gyro jumped with joy and ran (or bounced, it doesn't have legs remember) out.

"Hey! HEY! STOP!" Dymo yelled as Gyro smashed into a speeding car.

The car blew up with such a noise that could be heard from the next country.

Dymo gazed at the crash site as Gyro leaped up from the pandemonium. Rubble and scraps flew all over the place.

"Oh no..." He groaned.

A car with ECILOP on it pulled up, and a gaunt man came out.

"Please sir! It wasn't me it wasn't my fault! Please don't throw me into the pokey!" Dymo pleaded.

The ECILOP man slapped him. "Pull yourself together man! I was just about to congratulate you on annhilating that poor little sod in the car who was actually a madman that killed many people with three spoons, a macheine gun shaped bag, a macheine gun shaped macheine gun, two grandfather clocks, and one of those new laptops by Windows that squirt water on you when you type and then takes a picture of you getting squirted."


And Gyro secretly looked pleased with himself.


Gyro sang in the shower.

"Could you please get out?" Dymo asked. "You're going to drain the hot water!"

Dymo heard the water getting stopped, which was a relief.

Gyro jumped out, and Dymo jumped in, and he failed to see that Gyro was shivering.

"Ohhh, late in the night! I see the moon! And the thatcher..." he began. "So where does our answers taaaake uuuuuus. I see a...oh, oh no, arrgh! Oh! Drat! Noo!"

Dymo sighed. He had never seen ice come out of shower heads before.

"Well, time to hit the hay I guess."

He slumped into bed. Gyro had already settled down beside the bed.

The weekends never seem to have enough time for the things he wants to do.

The End


  1. Dude! I like it. It's funny and, well, ingenious! Are you thinking of being a proffesional author?

  2. Not now. I'm still a little busy...


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