Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cube in 3D

I really hope you have one of those red and blue 3D glasses. Also, I wanted to put this in my previous post but thought it was a different thing.
I was digging around in my old memory stick when I found Anamk108. You can Google it and find it too.
This was for making anaglyphic pictures. Now you know what to do. Get those paper glasses where ever they are! Under the bed, on the shelf, the back of the couch, in a furball, or as a standing bookmark.
Remake of Cannon Cube

Remake of Pillar of Fire

Top of the Temple. It's not very good, but, how did he get up there?

As a 3D image, terrible. But it explains how he got up there.
All I did was delete the existing camera, made a new one facing down, duplicated it, moved in the X direction, and made the original camera parent. Then I had two cameras to snap with!
Hope those 3D glasses have survived!


  1. CooL!I'm actually sleeping over at my friend's house,so I don't have my red and blue glasses with me. But I do have my black, new-tech 3D glasses I got from the movie theater when I went to see the new Narnia movie.

  2. Ha! Those are great. But I think that it would work better if the Cube guy and the fire weren't red....

  3. Maybe I might try it in monochrome. 3D sometimes work better that way.


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