Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cube on Goes to an Old Temple

Here's a mini story I made up in a few hours so it is not very well thought out. Also, it is not animated because our computer can't handle the rendering process for animation.
One day, Cube Dude went to visit the simple temple in this simple barren world.
"Wow! That looks very high!"

"What a nice view!"
"The Wrath of the Almighty decends on thee!!"
 I admit it wasn't very good as a story because a) it didn't have much purpose, and b) If I want to do a fire, I can only do pillars.

I hope Cube Dude will be this much fun to play with again!

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  1. You can upload your file the, then copy the URL and give it to someone you trust, and they can render it for you. But I wouldn't give it to someone who might try to sell your idea.


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